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Creation of 3D drawings and elaboration of technical documentation

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3d modeling is the basis for the development of all components of your project, accompanied by the development of documentation that follows the sketches. Technical documentation refers to all the documents with product related data and information regarding the production, handling, maintenance and installation of an assembly, machine or plant. All the documentation has its own reference designation for easier navigation.

3D modeling
Creation of technical drawings of parts and frames
Elaboration of technical documentation
Creation of technical drawings on the basis of the existing models
Conversion of sketches from paper to electronic form

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dizajn novih proizvoda

3D modeling provides you with spacious representations of parts and assemblies. As such, they are stored, analyzed, appropriately calculated, tested through simulations and controlled.

Creation of technical drawings of parts and assemblies (2D and 3D)

- Elaboration of technical documentation
- Design and construction of machine parts and tools
- Development of project tasks
- Creation of 3D models
- Conversion – digitalization of sketches from paper to electronic form


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