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What is computer-aided industrial design – CAID?

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Computer-aided industrial design represents the use of computerized software in the process of industrial design. CAID, as a modern approach to problem solution, is an automated process which increases the efficiency of design alterations, concept testing and optimization.

What CAID offers designers is easy navigation through the process of making a new model. The entire process starts from an initial idea and the design of conceptual solution followed by generation of curves and surfaces from the sketch until the final solution is reached. The designer will make a sketch using a stylus, then generate curves from the sketch and finally generate surfaces from the curves.


The importance of computer-aided industrial design
CAID software allows the designer to create a 3D model before the production and test it in either one of the three packages or under real conditions. 3D model can be saved in a machine readable format which will subsequently create a real life prototype model of the product so that the designer has more time to focus on technical aspects of the design instead of manual sketching and modeling. This enables a better project proposal in a shorter period of time.

CAID versus CAD
There are significant differences between the two seemingly similar concepts - CAD (computer-aided design) and CAID (computer-aided industrial design). CAID allows the engineer a more artistic approach to the project, while CAID is more technical. CAD is considered to be an intermediate step between artistic creation in CAID and physical production of a design. A combination of these two design processes enable continuous development from the concept to its production.

Each of these computerized steps in equally important in the process of production since they enable the production from the initial concept to its realization.

CAID makes it possible for creative people to express their talent in design and represent their ideas in the best way. In order to bring shape and form to its maximum by taking into account the production technology, 3D modeling programs that are used nowadays enable the user to create form and present it in the best possible way. The software offers extensive visualization tools, such as photorealistic display, texture mapping, surface highlightning, and much more. Therefore, the client can manipulate with objects to see what the finished product will look like in real life.

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